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The Verdant Collective: The place to explore and nourish your wild female body, spirit and soul

One of the most colonized of our human landscapes is that of our erotic, wild wellness; our unbridled, unfettered, spontaneously shape-shifting love affair with The World itself and the belonging, worth and value that are the result of this love affair. This love affair with The World is our true birthright. Without this inheritance we are vulnerable to the worst of Western Culture's control and subordination. With this inheritance in tact and rooted, we are wildly wise, interdependent and generative. With this inheritance in tact and flourishing, we *are* the warriors we have been waiting for. The Verdant Collective is a 4 month immersion into old-world women's culture, to reclaim your wildly wise and well erotic sovereignty, for yourself, your family, your community and this precious Earth we call home.

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