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Our Vibrant Sexuality doesn't come from 'Mind Blowing Orgasms,' it comes from Deeper Belonging

WOMEN: we are saturated with messages promising 'solutions' to the problems afflicting our female sexuality. We are told our sexual expression should look a certain way, should feel a certain way, in order to be authentic. Worse yet, we are fed endless erroneous messaging telling us someone else's "method" will "unlock our potential in 5 minutes!" or give us "the secret to mind-blowing orgasms in 7 easy steps!"

Women, we are wiser than all this. We know our healing and our wholeness, our capacity to live lives of meaning and value in service to all we hold dear (and the gorgeous, wild and free orgasms that live in this place), all of this comes from *belonging*. In order to belong, we must be safe, sound and intelligent in our beautiful bodies. We must remember, our bodies belong to The Wild. We must rediscover our own wild language. We must be witnessed by our people, speaking our wild language. It must matter to our people, like the Air, Water and Earth matter, that we remember our wild way.

Together, we will remember how to belong, wildly. We will fall in love with each other, ourselves and true wildness. The Verdant Collective is one way to start.

Johanna GrubeComment