Individuals & Couples


ReWilding: – verb

The act of:
–  Shedding acquired states of domestication & shame
–  Cultivating our erotic / emotional intelligence and expression to reach our fullest generative potential
–  Restoring our primary relationship with The World, creating meaning and fostering profound intimate engagement with all life around, and within, us.

We do this work because our first and most important partnership is not with the humans with whom we live but rather The World that makes all life possible.

Women: Trusting Each Other, Our Beauty and Expecting More

I am here to help you re-connect to your innate bottomless capacity for pleasure, meaning, intimate connection, ferocity and power. Women...not unlike our men, we have been taught how to be very small.


Men: Trusting the Stallion

I am here to help you discover, explore and express your full, authentic, masculine sexual energy; energy I refer to as Stallion energy.


Patriarchy's stronghold comes from, among other things, the erasure of the essential truths of our unique human experiences, truths which, when honored feed our fierce sovereignty and sense of self. Domination cultures wither in the presence of reverence for those who cannot be labeled.



The world is hungry for the wisdom that comes through the reverent co-creation of the masculine, the feminine and the neither/both (regardless of ‘orientation’). Within the space created by each couple there lives a story of mythic importance and proportion.