Mentoring For Women

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Rewilding: – verb

The act of:
–  Shedding acquired states of domestication & shame
–  Cultivating our erotic / emotional intelligence and expression to reach our fullest generative potential
–  Restoring our primary relationship with The World, creating meaning and fostering profound intimate engagement with all life around, and within, us.

We do this work because our first and most important partnership is not with the humans with whom we live but rather The World that makes all life possible.

What Does Rewilding Mentorship Look Like?

Part practical guidance, part grandmothering, part soul-guiding and ancestral honoring and repair, and certainly containing the nobler, more whole, elements of modern psychotherapy, Rewilding Mentorship is an old world thing that is hard to find in Western Culture’s modern medical model. In one form or another, this kind of mentoring is a thing all of us desperately need, but few of us are awake enough to know to long for.

The Mountain Spirit, or Shen Gui, a Chinese Goddess of the Wild

The Mountain Spirit, or Shen Gui, a Chinese Goddess of the Wild

Rewilding Mentorship is focused on at least two things:

  1. supporting you in your awakening process; a process that looks different for each of us but certainly includes removing the acquired – and required – layers of dissociation, self-doubt, silence and institutionalized blindness, all essential pieces of the domestication process each of us has undergone in one way or another. From this newly hatched, coming-awake place you tenderly find yourself in, we then set our sights on….

  2. reverently stalking, befriending and nourishing your unique expression within the nested ecologies of your family, your community and The World itself. The larger World ecology includes layers and realms we cannot see, and as a result, many of us do not ever know exist. The Ancestral realm and the Archetypal realm are two of these unseen and almighty layers of The World. They are essential elements of what Jung called the Unus Mundi – the underlying unified reality – and our capacity to comprehend them is predicated on our capacity to shed the multiple layers of domestication, of dumbing-down, of silencing, of self-doubt and self-hatred that we, as females within Patriarchal culture, are subjected to.

‘Wild Woman’ crowned with ferns, from 15th c Germany

‘Wild Woman’ crowned with ferns, from 15th c Germany

Rewilding is a process of identifying the many ways we, as women, have been shaped, trimmed, tied-up and tied-to ways of thinking that have us forgetting our rightful place in the order of all things; that have us forgetting to whom we are betrothed, and the necessary responsibility that comes with this betrothal. Rewilding is a process of shedding, in some cases exorcising, in order to re-align ourselves according to our own unique True North. This True North is based not on what is convenient for the humans around us, but rather on what is needed in The World at this time. Therefore, it is anathema to most of what we have been taught it means to be female. A rewilded woman is an enemy of the State.

In the rewilding process we will learn about your ancestral gifts and we will attend to the ancestral wounds that have become your burdens. We will examine your relationship with Eros, and we will nourish your authentic erotic intelligence – the wisdom that feeds your sovereignty in, and belonging to, The World, and has you largely immune to the small stories of fear and helplessness we are fed by the dominant culture. We will examine the wellness of your women’s community and endow you with the skills to bring more truth, vibrancy and expression into your relationships with women. We will attend to your relationships with your intimate partner(s), identifying the places you are operating on erroneous information and expectations (information and expectations taught to you by the dominant culture). We will replace the old structures of domestication and feed you well so the roots of your wild wellness take hold.

Rewilding Mentorship is not for every woman, but it’s likely that if you’ve gotten this far, you are ready to dive in. If that sounds about right, send me an email and we’ll dive in.