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Orgasm - A Powerful Enhanced State of Consciousness

For many years now I have been cultivating a practice of using extended orgasm as an enhanced state of consciousness within which it is possible to deeply imagine myself in the reality of another being; a deer, a tree, a snake, a cold mountain stream, a young girl in the forest, accompanied by rich sensory experiences like smell, sound, taste and touch. With this practice has come a heightened intensity of compassion and unconditional love for everything and everyone around me. And this, it seems, is a radical way to move through the world; not only seeing the reality of, and taking responsibility for, all the things that have gone so drastically wrong for all life on the planet while under our care, but also ever-increasingly falling in love with everything around me. The posts on this blog titled, "Enhanced States" will be from my journal entries and my clients' experiences with this practice. If you are interested in learning this practice, please be in touch. This morning As primal-primary-first pleasure Moves itself through this woman’s body There is pony racing in the ancient grasslands of Mongolia

mongolian_child and pony

Cold mud stinging our splattered faces Equine-human muscles taught Streams of steamed horses’ breath Flame-throwing trajectories fuming life The sound, this sound, the only sound Of hooves Syncopated foursomes Trading fours On all fours The slightly frozen earth Top layer wet and loose Receives this Hard equine love

Cries of joy from us, young girls, Dare-devil racers No fear in these bodies Just certainty of our own instinct Never wronged

Our ponies feel us As extensions of themselves

No reins

Eyes closed

Soft pelvic bones meet spines Circular rhythms tease tension Thighs grip firmly Deep breathing warm pony-fur-covered rib cages Within which beat the wise heart of the world

This is the first ecstasy

Arms above heads

Heels pressing down toward the earth

Under a dawn sky

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