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Our Belonging is what makes us Beautiful.

Our culture is a set of economic values. It is not a set of human values. It is a system organized around, dependent upon, consumption. From very early on we are taught to be consumers. Consumers from a place of lack – a calculated, endless place of *you are not acceptable as you are*. How our women’s bodies should look has been a campaign of such ferocity even smart, fierce, independent women find ourselves sucking-in, slouching, injecting and implanting to stay one step ahead of the judgement.

Consider, Women, for just one moment, what your life might look and feel like, from what place of security and peace would you move through the world, if you had not one stitch of the internalized obsession around your appearance living in your psyche? It is one of the cornerstones of rewilding, of being wild, to be oriented to The World – our love affair with it and service to it, instead of the culture’s endless demands on our external appearance. This orientation is not easily accomplished.

Immersing ourselves, body, spirit and soul, into the pool of intimate, compassionate, fierce women’s community is one antidote to this internalized obsession. It is one path to our rewilding. It is a place where we begin to see the incessantly whispering stories that cause us to alter, silence and shame our bodies. It is a safe, old-world place where we remember how perfectly our bodies are designed to generate, heal, restore, and protect; how perfectly we are designed to do all this through the verdant landscape of our pleasure, which is so much more than our arousal or our orgasm. It is the place where we hold each other, celebrate, laugh and cry with each other, as we remember just how perfectly wildly beautiful we are. And from this place of rooted joyful, grief struck roaring, it is from *this* place Women, we rise.

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