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The World Is My Lover: Psalm 23, Re-Written

I do not know how to describe these moments, this time. This is a place of absolute Death and such utter aliveness. Such rightness and certainty of my own worth, my work, my devotion accompanies a heartbreak I cannot fathom. I am now in a practice of, perhaps ... just perhaps ... imagining ... surely my Death and my Life must go hand-in-hand? My true marriage; that of My Death and My Life.

World Without End....

The Psalm of My True Lover

World is my lover; I shall not want.

She longs for me to lie in her green pastures: she sings to me beside her still waters.

She restoreth my Soul: She leadeth me on the path of my own righteousness for the sake of the beauty and wholeness of The World.

Yea, though my woundings lead me through the valley of my shadow and into my own Death, I will fear not Evil: for She is with me; Her heart and Her love, they guide me.

She welcomes me to the table of those I perceive as my enemies: She anointest my woundings with oil; my heart and compassion runneth over.

Surely my goodness and beauty, in the reflection of Her perfection, shall guide me all the days of my life: and here I will dwell as kin in the heart of The World, for ever and ever.