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There Is Nothing To Forgive

When all else around us fails, when the ground itself decides, too, to go away out from underneath us, there is nothing left to do but return to the one thing that will never go away. The One thing that watches us through it all, without judgment and with so much love. And that is, our primary relationship with this world. This immutable connection we have to the place from which we all come. There is no option of divorce here. There is only a dance of away and back, of remembering and forgetting. But the forgetting is only on our part. The World never forgets us. In forgetting ourselves, we forget The World. But it’s never reciprocal.

I marvel at what I perceive must be an extraordinary practice of forgiveness on the part of The World. Yet, the word 'forgiveness' doesn’t exist in the language of The World. Last night, while listening to the wind sing through the curves of the old long-needled pine outside my bedroom window - I was told “You cannot get this wrong. So there will never be anything to forgive.”

Because sleep has eluded me these last five nights, I have had many hours to ponder this. I sing myself into the liminal; I cannot get this wrong. I will never need to be forgiven.

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