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Wild Masculine Erotica

This is from a dear friend of mine, a brother-in-arms, who is experiencing what some would call a Kundalini Awakening, what others might call Re-Wilding...May it serve as an invitation as well as just simply stir us all up!

Milky Way

"I may not know how to accurately consummate this love, this desire, this promise I am dying to make.  Oh but the juicy love moving through me is enough to make me mad with the lust that wants to pour out.  I want to make love this morning, but I don't want to practice cumming again!!!  I am so horny I am so awake to my drive, I want to push myself inside the woman, the cedar tree, the moon, the night sky and say, Hellooooo, yes, I am here, yes, yes, yes, I am here, hold on to nothing, let this and this happen, Oh God, feel me, I feel you, grip the back of the moon and the rocky hills and craters like scales my fingers rip and ache as I stuff myself deeper inside and the stars are right there, cheering and love making, painting magic across my eyes, my skin as we explode together.  I am Saturn I am Jupiter I am the Sun with absolute joy I offer this radiance, hold on tight to me, come with me, rock with me, let's merge, let's merge, let's be one, let's change all existence again and again and again.  Pull yourself around me and laugh and decide what you want, I enlighten your within and your beneath so that all might be good.  This is all there is, all there ever was.  Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.  Do this do this hold me close Oh God!  Oh God!  Oh God!  I love you!  I love you.  I love everyone and everything!  I am the galaxy!  I am the cosmos!

My stuff is thick and lazy with morning blood.  My pulse quickens as I think to offer myself to you, in you.  It is a dance we do, no one side.  You are not defeated, I am not defeated.  Rather we are both victors and defeated as slaves to union, and arm in arm we go to the alter of love and bow and offer this meager thing, saying yes, and The One sees and says yes, and yes, and then the doors and walls fly away and the temple is a meadow and all the universe spins around our bodies, in us.  The stars are spinning inside my cock and inside your pussy, like a little spiral, around and around as we push.  Let's bring this proof forward.  Let's do this for all that is invisible, because we can!  Let's do this for all consciousness!  Be with me now!  Merge, merge, merge.  Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!"

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