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Making Love

Making Love is a radical human act. Not only does it have the potential to create new human life and primal bonds between us that cannot be explained scientifically, it has the power to connect us with something far greater than ourselves; reminding us of our interconnectedness with all life. The fullness of our authentic sexual experience also has the power to move us through trauma stored in our bodies, not simply so we are 'healed' but so we are more than who we were before the trauma took place. And, given that we have ALL experienced trauma, this is an important piece of information. The intimate expressions of our sexuality are also a profoundly important portal to self-knowledge and self-love; an arena of deepest soul expression. Right now, intentional soul-full sexuality and intimacy are endangered species among couples. It is an expressive human art form suffering from egregious cultural co-option and misinformation, even from the most well-meaning couples’ counselors, relationship coaches and sex therapists. Making Love is not merely the thing we do called intercourse. Making Love is the devotional act of offering ourselves to self, other and/or the larger world, the wild world. It is possible to cultivate a life in which one makes love to everything. And, of course, the intentional act of making love with an intimate partner, of joining our sexuality with the practice of our love making, has great potential for feeding the Holy (a term coined by Shaman Martin Prechtel). Because intercourse has the potential to create new life, making love is an act that has the most power to celebrate and honor life, in all its manifestations. True Love Making is one of the most vulnerable, creative and soul-centric activities we can engage in. Reclaiming this (almost exclusively) human activity is revolutionary, and it is also necessary if we want to learn how to embrace the full life/death/life cycle that is part of our human reality.

Here, in these pages, I will share some of the details from my own journey, as well as the profound and empowering journeys of some of the many clients with whom I have been deeply honored to work, as they journey into the rich landscape of soul's expression through sexuality and the mythic importance of their lives. These offerings will be candid, not for the feint of heart. But please, don't stay anonymous. Respond with your own thoughts and experiences.