Somatic Sex Education


The privatization, shaming and commercialization of our erotic energy is one of the more intimately colonizing, ultimately dehumanizing tools of the Patriarchy.


I am a somatic sex educator and a certified sexological bodyworker. I found this lineage of somatic work in 2008 when a number of my psychotherapy clients told me they felt stuck in our work – each voicing a sense that there was something essential missing in our work. A licensed psychotherapist since 1992, I felt highly skilled in the terrain of talking, feeling, moving and journeying. I was employing many evidence-based treatments coming out of scientific and psychological research and methodology. I was also employing many soul-centric and animist practices coming out of older traditions of healing and wholing which focus on our necessary embedment in, and belonging to, the greater web of Life. And still, several of my clients had reached roadblocks in their vibrant wholeness. These roadblocks stopped them from fully metabolizing embodied trauma and seeing their unique wholeness alike, which had them unable to emerge in the world ready to offer their formidable gifts. These roadblocks also capped their embodiment, resilience, and erotic intelligence (the intelligence that inspires and guides relationship of all kinds, between all people, human and otherwise).  


Talk therapy, alone, cannot completely heal the many generations of alienation, trauma and shame each of us carries ­– to one extent or another – in the intimate terrain of our bodies and souls.


Somatic sex education is the educational modality that directly addresses our erotic, soulful embodied wellness, intelligence, healing and resilience. Through a myriad of skills, practices and tools, the somatic sex educator guides clients/students to:

  • Deeper awareness and healing of our un-sequenced trauma

  • Overcome the culturally endemic lack of basic physiological and neurological education while correcting the volumes of erroneous information we are overtly taught

  • A greater understanding of our unique and universal arousal and orgasm maps, by gently guiding us in the discovery of intelligent pathways to deep, sustainable, life-long pleasure

  • Create fertile avenues for sexual and erotic discovery, celebrating both the grief and joy that are natural and healthy aspects of our erotic experience, expression and healing


Certified Sexological Bodywork is a formal training in the practice of gloved, one-way touch specifically utilizing the powerful triad of sound, breath and movement, for healing and education and the nourishment of our erotic and sexual wholeness.

I have moved away from individual somatic sex education sessions to focus on supporting the growing number of practitioners worldwide. I offer both individual and group supervision for somatic sex educators and certified sexological bodyworkers worldwide. Additionally, I am currently writing a series of handbooks introducing the basic principles and practices of evidence based work addressing trauma, attachment and attunement, the foundations of a soul-centric practice, and more.

The first volume in the series, Trauma, is available on Amazon.

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