For Individuals & Couples


For Individuals:

We are living in a time of tremendous estrangement: estrangement from our bodies, from our families and bloodlines, from our soul/essence, from the land, the animals and the plants upon which we rely for our survival, from our authentic expression, eros and generativity. In this estrangement from these most fundamental things, most of us lose sight of a sense of true purpose and meaning; without which we often experience deep despair and apathy or rage. Yet our longing to live lives of purpose and meaning never goes away. It atrophies, and sometimes even sequesters itself for safekeeping in a room we forgot we had. But the longing does not abandon us. Ever.

My work with people focuses almost entirely on 1) Healing – attending to the cultural and family woundings/traumas which have positioned themselves as obstacles in our quest to live a life of purpose and meaning and then 2) Wholing – assisting you to uncover, nourish and embody whatever it is that is yours to do in this world and cultivating a life that prioritizes this.

In order to explore and harvest in this terrain of healing and wholing we will find ourselves necessarily exploring a few key landscapes: 

Soul and soul encounter: creating a primary relationship between the You who navigates in the dayworld and the You who is the unique, subversive, radical essence of you, who carries the specific coding of your lineage, your DNA and the imprint of the Mystery, to create a never-before-seen human with an important vision for the world and its wholeness.

This soul does not question its belonging and importance. But it will put itself out of your reach if you create a life which dishonors it. When this happens, we often experience a despair and sense of emptiness that is catastrophic to both our own wellness and the wellness of the world. Here in this orphaned, dissociated place, we are capable of making decisions that egregiously effect not only our own experience but the experience of all those around us (human and other-than-human) and of the health and wellness of the world. Our continued and unfolding task (and the thing that offers us true joy and authentic belonging)  is to create lives which consistently put us in direct contact with soul: our own, the world’s and all other life within it.

Sexuality, generativity and erotic intelligence: one of the more powerful places we encounter our essence, or soul, is in the wild terrain of our generativity, eros or sexuality. Yet we have been hobbled with shame and misinformation. In order to create an intimate and primary relationship with soul, we must prioritize the task of restoring our eros and generativity to its full and vital expression. 

Our place in our human lineage: each of us is the current and unique expression of all those in our bloodline who came before us. In Industrialized culture, we are continuously asked to believe an erroneous and dangerous lie: that we are what we make of ourselves regardless of where we come from. Many of us leave home with a rebellious “Whatever I do, it won’t be what my parents, grandparents, etc., did!” We forget that within this bloodline is a wellspring of original information, wisdom and purpose, in addition to the wounding, damage and pain. In order for us to step into our own lives, empowered to manifest our own purpose and liberated from the shackles of unattended lineage wounding that constrain all of us, we must do this ancestral work.

For Couples:

When I work with couples the process is similar, but we do this in the framework of the purpose that lives in the partnership: what is the mission of the third entity that has been created by the union of your intimate partnership? Each partnership has all the elements we carry as individuals. And its primary purpose is not to create comfort and consistency in a troubled world but rather to provide a safe (enough) environment within which we can be profoundly known and cared for while also being challenged to become an ever-more-vital expression of, and vehicle for, our soul’s purpose.

Sexuality is a powerful place of both connection and deepening knowledge about self and other. Even if, as a couple, you come to me for issues which do not revolve around your physical intimacy, we spend time in this terrain to help you unlearn harmful common misinformation and shaming around sexuality, anatomy and lovemaking. And we take the time to create new practices and cultivate erotic intelligence that creates lasting generativity and deepening connection in your partnership.


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