For Couples



Just as it is true for individuals, the story created by the interweaving of coupled humans gives birth to a unique vision and wisdom without which the world cannot be whole. In the same way that we must mirror and support each other on our individual journeys, our couples too must be mirrored and supported. In this culture we rarely take the opportunity to inquire into the soul-stories that draw two people into intimate partnership. And our communities rarely accept their responsibility for holding their couples and families. Without this context and holding a couple easily forgets (or might never realize in the first place) the most sacred purpose for their partnership. Coupling is not for comfort and security as much as it must be to nurture the individual stories and the world story, as they all live within and through each of us which. Stories which, when combined, co-create a never-before-seen thread, unique to each couple. These stories offer invaluable wisdom and guidance for the greater purpose of humanity as a whole. It is as if our coupling offers the universe a portal through which it can speak to us about our interconnection and importance in the larger web of life.