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Woman, what if I told you, you are so powerful you could - from the ferocity of your own enraged, grieving heart - stop ice from melting

“Women, we are surrounded by egregious betrayal…so we imagine, so we are told. Betrayal by men, men who we thought were good men, even great men, who turn out to be violators. Yet, if the #metoo movement is to be a true revolution, an evolution of justice, fomented by true change-agents and cultural revolutionaries, if we women who are saying, “STOP, NO MORE!” imagine we are exercising our full power in service of true change, we will eventually, sooner than later, need to turn our wise accusatory vision toward the well-domesticated, fast-asleep violator in ourselves. “

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On Extinction, Mad Cows and the Crazy Necessity of Celebrating Our Children’s Birthdays

My younger son turns 21 today. And OH what a morning it is! Already, the chickadees are bombadeering around the yard, rabbits are munching on fallen apples and the fish are voraciously feeding in the cattail grasses, their bright orange tail fins waving above the water like airfield navigation flags for the dragon flies who maneuver in formation above the pond like pilots in an airshow competition. And, as if this weren’t enough, the squash leaves are as high as an elephant’s eye, and it looks like they’re climbing clear up to the sky……It’s that kind of morning.

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The Wound of The World, a Gray Wolf Pup And The Ancient Order of Things

In mid-Spring of this year, I found myself driving home with a 6 week old female wolf hybrid. The runt of the litter. Part of a private rescue which required that 19 puppies belonging to three litters of various percentages wolf, be wisely placed in Boulder homes. This little creature, this impossible treasure, who would become to us Ruby Dragon Chickadee, was shaking and silent as she huddled in her new Auntie Alyssa’s lap. Ruby’s litter was the youngest of the three and the highest wolf content – likely 75% gray wolf DNA running through this little one’s tiny pulsing veins and ancient intelligent spirit.

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