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Weaving Women’s Community & Ancestral Vibrance

Mara Friedman’s  Mirror of My Future, Mirror of My Past

Mara Friedman’s Mirror of My Future, Mirror of My Past

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Have you longed to understand the wounds you carry and to know where your gifts come from? To develop a life of meaningful ritual and ceremony? Do you desire more women’s community and a regular opportunity to sit fireside in an intentional gathering space alongside your sisters? What if these essential aspects of our wellness were woven together?

…Now, they are…

In a graceful and unique form, combining the power of caring and careful sisterhood with a new way of healing and honoring our lineages, comes Walking In Wellnesswomen’s groups dedicated to healing the woundings of our past, honoring our foremothers and forefathers, and building vibrant, resilient women’s community, all around a fire in The Kiva.

What Are ‘Walking In Wellness Women’s Groups’?

We gather in small groups of no more than 8 women to work the healing and honoring of our grandmother lines, weaving the wellness. Gathering for 10 sessions, roughly once per week, for 2.5 hours each session, we develop the skills required to attend to our lineage dead, understand and heal the wounds we (and our living family members) carry, to weave the medicine and gifts of our ancient grandmothers, refining our capacity to listen for, and carry out, the spontaneous, self-designed ceremonies and rituals relevant to our time and people.

Together we refine our language and wisdom as the living daughters of these powerful Ancient Ones. We witness each other as we take risks to find the unique New World expressions of these Old World gifts. We invite our grandmothers to weave with each other, combining the wisdoms from across cultures and time, to embolden us to stand in our sovereignty in this world, at this time.

In order to participate in a Walking In Wellness group you need to have healed at least one of your four main ancestral lines. If you are new to this work, I am happy to be your guide or you can do the work with one of many skilled practitioners. While each person’s path is different, on average, this will require about three or four individual ancestral healing sessions.

Walking In Wellness tuition is $490. This does not include the preliminary session work.

Some partial scholarship and work exchange are available.