Verdant Collective 3 Hour Immersions


Nutrient-Dense Fuel for the Female Revolution

Four, 3-Hour Intimate Immersion Experiences In New World Women’s Culture

Each of the four in-person intro events are designed to give you a feel for The Verdant Collective, our four-month immersion into new world women’s culture. They are limited to 20 women and will be held in private homes so maximize our sense of intimacy, safety and comfort. While there are many things about each of the four short courses that we cannot predict, what we can promise you is that each event will contain embodiment, interaction, (non-sexual) touch and tending, conversations in the larger circle and smaller groups, and a Q&A guided by your curiosity about the specifics and details of The Verdant Collective.

While introducing you to The Collective, each of these events is also designed to be a stand-alone experience; even if you know you can’t dive into the full program this year, we invite you to join us. The Verdant Collective might be for you if you are a women longing to reclaim the unique and intelligent expression of your erotic nature, your elemental and essential power, while helping to weave vibrant and wise women’s culture. Click here to learn more about this immersive experience or to apply to join the next Verdant Collective, beginning in October of 2019.

Whether or not you are interested in participating in The Verdant Collective four-month immersion, we invite you to consider coming to one (or all) of these events to experience deep nourishment for your wild female spirit, body and soul and contribute your unique voice and wisdom to the reclamation of intelligent, authentic, radical women’s culture.

Verdant Collective 3 Hour Immersion Experiences for 2019

Rewilding Female Culture: June 28 6-9pm, Boulder
Reclaiming Your Erotic Nature: July 23rd, 6-9pm, Boulder
Your Body As Erotic Landscape: September 8th, 3-6, Denver
Ritual & Revolution: September 22, 10am - 1pm, Boulder


$45.00 per immersion or
$155.00 to attend all four.


We may be under the impression that The Burning Times are over. But women, they are as fearsome now as they ever were. Perhaps even more dangerous because so many of us have been corralled into a state of domestication. Here, we are lulled into a sense of complacency, that promises convenience but is actually a consolation. This domestication, its complacency and conciliatory strings, slowly eat away at us. For we know in our bones that our wild wisdom and fierce female voices are needed now more than ever on behalf of our children, the monarch butterflies and the blue whale; on behalf of all Life. Rewilding ourselves is more complex than we might imagine. It cannot be rewoven in a weekend workshop or by following someone’s method. Wildness requires a state of intelligent interdependence inextricably interwoven with a fierce autonomy.  We did not learn this from our mothers and grandmothers. But our well ancestral women know what wild means. Together we will listen and we will speak, with our voices, our bodies, and our excavated language(s). Together, we will feed the emergent state that unfurls itself through our collective.

Investment: $45.00

Investment: $155.00

reclaiming copy.png

We are not meant to be separated. By design, we are meant to travel in herds, each of us brilliant individual souls tracking essential elements of the whole. In healthy human culture ‘the whole’ includes our human family and our other-than-human family. It includes the water and the clouds it becomes. It includes the soil and the mycelium, the blue jay and the chickadee. It includes the ones who come to us in the dreamscape and the ones who come to us in our erotic pleasure. We have been uprooted, separated from our own bodies, made to fear our sovereign wisdom. Join us tonight for a journey back home. Alongside your adventurous sisters and our ancestral ancient grandmothers, we will take one step at a time to court the deeply embedded, attuned female who is you.

Investment: $45.00

Investment: $155.00


Regardless of our age or our procreative capacity, our bodies are fertile landscapes. They are designed to generate; to generate wellness, protection, love, care, ferocity. They are designed to generate ideas, solutions, beauty, ingenuity, audacity. In our present state the erotic landscape of our bodies has been so deeply politicized, so deeply enslaved, it is hard to remember our authentic, indigenous ways. It is hard to remember what our uncolonized limbs, slopes and valleys feel like. Join us this afternoon for an exploration alongside your sisters, into the terrain of our erotic landscapes. We can’t tell you any more than that, because the truly erotic landscape is a wild landscape, which, by definition, has never been charted. We will simply have to trust (because of course we do!) that what we find there will be for the benefit of all Life (because of course it is!).

Investment: $45.00

Investment: $155.00

ritual and revolution.png

Women’s bodies and the Earth body are the subjects of the single longest standing, most expensive, well-organized, cross-cultural campaign of domination and oppression known to humanity. And women, the time for this oppression is over. Our children and the Earth are counting on our fierce voices in service of a world in which all Life is sacred. But we will not get there by protesting or marching against all that is unjust and corrupt. We will get there by remembering what we love, what we cherish, what is beautiful, noble and worth risking our comfort and perhaps our lives for. It starts by remembering the gestures, the words, the poetry and the songs, the threads of wellness that wove our ancestors’ vibrancy, eroded one precious. noble generation at a time, by a war on culture and wholeness called ‘progress’. Our bodies know what this looks like. Our ears know what it sounds like. Together, we will reweave the field of permission and remembrance. And from there? We will revive our legions.  

While it's absolutely not necessary, we strongly encourage you to attend one of the three previous Verdant Collective 3-hour immersions, to liberate your own wild language and love, so you're ready to dive deeply with us in this, Ritual and Revolution experience.

Investment: $45.00

Investment: $155.00