The Kiva

Welcome to the Kiva


‘Kiva’ is a Native American, Pueblo Nation word for an underground room that is used for multiple ceremonial and spiritual purposes. Throughout time, cultures across the world have used earthen rooms for meeting places. These ceremonial and community spaces are often associated with the ancestral and spirit realms, with the other worlds that are outside of, between or around the dayworld of our lived experience. We do not use the word ‘Kiva’ in an attempt to steal the culture of others or show any disrespect. We acknowledge, with deep grief and endless gratitude, that we are fortunate to live in Boulder –– the stolen land of not only First Nations peoples of the Ute, Cheyenne and Arapaho but the peoples of the Gray Wolf, the Black-Footed Ferret, the Grizzly Bear, the Mountain Lion, and others who were once plentiful.

The Kiva is used by groups for all sorts of events including men’s/women’s groups, family gatherings, community tending, ceremonies and rites of passage, ghost-story-telling, seasonal holiday celebrations, slumber parties, and so much more. It was conceived out of a longing to have more readily-available non-commercial places to gather (in all our configurations and identities) to be with each other, with our ancestors, with our grief and gratitude, and all the other ways we feel our human-ness in this unique and intense time.

And, The Kiva holds so much of our community’s human-ness, including the ashes of our dearest ones who are no longer with us in this flesh-and-blood realm, our most vulnerable truths, our tears and our unapologetic laughter and howling.

Both individuals and groups are invited to rent the Kiva for on-going or single-time use. For those who are using the Kiva for groups and gatherings, feel free to include any of the information on this page in your invitations to your people.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Christiane (303-449-8590) or Jeff (360-303-7554) with any additional questions.

General Information to All Renters


Please read this thoroughly before using The Kiva. You are responsible for understanding all rules.

Donations and Rates:
We ask $15/hour for your use of The Kiva. Please leave your cash and checks in the black tin cup just to the left inside the shed in the front of the property. If you are using the space for more than 10 hours, the fee is $150 for each 24-hour period. We ask that you include a padding of 30 minutes on either side of your event when calculating your total fee.

The Kiva Calendar:
To reserve The Kiva for an on-going group, single-time use, or to find availability for a spontaneous visit, check out the calendar

Please do not bring your dogs to The Kiva
. There are animals who live on the property, including a hybrid wolf, a hybrid coyote and an elderly feline. These are territorial animals. Unless your animal has already been well-introduced to these canines, and their compatibility and hierarchy has been established, we cannot assure anyone’s safety. We regret that this restriction applies to companion animals as well.

Additionally, The Center On The Edge is a permaculture practice space, with gardens and tender systems in every nook, cranny and corner of the land. Animals who are not familiar with the land will likely disturb and potentially destroy important ecosystems.

The Grounds:
There is an outdoor zero waste, composting outhouse on the property that can be used when renting the Kiva. Please note the instructions carefully, and let your guests/attendees know how to use the outhouse as well. To use the outhouse it’s important to follow the instructions, which are posted on the wall of the Outhouse.

There are Kiva blankets available in the chest on the east side of the kiva. If folks want cushions or back-jacks you should instruct them to bring them. Please make sure to shake out the blankets and return them, folded, to the chest. If they get wet please still fold and return them to the chest but let us know via text or in person that the blankets are wet.

All the fire materials (wood, kindling and paper) are available for your use. Kindling and wood of various sizes will be ready for your use at the west side of the Kiva, accessible from inside the Kiva or by going out of the Kiva and around. But please know – you may need to split wood for your fire so leave plenty of time before your event for whatever set-up is required. There is an iron fire poker in the Kiva. Please make sure it stays in the Kiva.

Do not burn anything in the fire that is synthetic. Make sure there are no flames in the fire upon exiting for the evening, and also make sure to cover the fire with the mesh grate.

Location & Parking:
The Kiva address is 6482 Jib Court, Boulder 80301. This is the Twin Lakes are of Gunbarrel. Jib Ct. is a small cul-de-sac. You’ll likely have to park on the adjacent streets (Mast and Kalua). It’s fine to park anywhere along the side of the road on Mast and Kalua. The house itself is a small brown cottage with orange and red trim. To get to the Kiva walk up the drive and take the path to the left that takes you to the back of the house. The Kiva is to the East of the house.

What to Wear:
The Kiva is an intimate environment and the fire often throws sparks, which sometimes find our clothes! Wear clothing that you won’t mind getting a little hole in it here and there. In Winter, we advise bringing layers, including a cap/hat. Temperature changes after sundown are often big.

What to bring, if your event includes offerings to the fire:
It is common to make offerings to the fire during Kiva ceremonies. We request that nothing synthetic be offered to the fire. Anything that grows naturally (including cotton, silk, wood, plant material, liquids that are not flammable – no alcohol – and paper) are all fine. When burning paper please make sure it’s in small pieces so it does not become airborne. Have the grate ready to cover anything that looks like it might fly up out of the Kiva. Human ashes are welcome in the fire as well.

In the Kiva:
We ask that you do not use your cell phones in the Kiva. The Kiva is a ceremonial space built to provide space for us to honor and make contact with our ancestors and to nourish ourselves and our community. While The Kiva is used for many different purposes in a wide range of ceremony and celebration, we ask that everything that occur in the Kiva be sincerely respectful, even if it is a ghost-telling and marshmallow roasting evening with family and friends. Raucous laughter, singing, drumming and other loud sounds are welcome until 10pm and then quiet gathering is in order, to respect the other residents of Jib Court and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Kiva sits in a rural residential zone. That means that while others will likely not hear anything that goes on in The Kiva (unless you’re drumming or singing/chanting as a group), you will hear what goes on in the neighborhood. Sometimes this can be distracting; dogs barking, people having conversations or playing music. This is part of the unique gift of The Kiva; that ceremony takes place in the community and therefore we are impacted by the community around us. But it’s important to know, noticeable noise might occasionally occur.

On the Grounds:
When renting the Kiva please feel free to also use the open space behind the house, outside the gate. But please do know that it’s likely there will be people in the house at Jib Ct, while you’re using the Kiva, so you will not have privacy when you’re outside the Kiva.


For Individuals:
The Kiva is here for your use. Whether you simply come sit for a few hours without a fire, or you come spend the night, The Kiva is a wonderful, nourishing spot. The Kiva comes with back jacks, blankets, cushions, wood (which you might need to chop into right-size pieces), kindling, and paper. If you are spending the night in The Kiva, you’re responsible for bringing your own sleeping bag, thermarest/padding, pillows and anything else you’ll need to be warm and comfortable. Remember, you’ll be in a small space with open flame and sparks. Sleeping bags and thermarests are particularly vulnerable to holes. The blankets we provide are 100% wool, flame retardant military-issue blankets and can be used as covers to keep your items (relatively) safe.

NOTE: Reservations need a minimum of 72 hours to go through the official channels. If you’re interested in coming to The Kiva, and you check the calendar and see that it is not reserved and you do not want to sign up officially, you are free to come and use the space. However, it is possible that you will arrive to find another spontaneous person already in The Kiva. The Kiva is a community gathering space so we encourage you to welcome this as an opportunity to grow that muscle.

And a secondary note: Please respect everyone’s desire for silence and do not start conversation unless it is relevant to the specifics of the use of The Kiva, fire-tending, etc. These should be kept brief and to the point. Children re welcome in The Kiva at any time (except for events that state they’re specifically for adults i.e., the monthly Community Council), but must be accompanied by an adult at all times and must be courteous to other visitors’ desire for quiet.

When you are done with your visit in The Kiva, please make sure the fire is spread out with no visible flames, only coals. Cover the fire with the grate. Fold all blankets and put them back in the chest neatly, as shown in the following image, with grey wool blankets shaken out, folded and stacked on the left of the chest. All backjacks nest/stack on each other and cushions go underneath and around them. Thank you!

To make a reservation please fill out the form below.

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