Responding to Climate Collapse

Gathering, Remembering, and Responding to Imminent Climate Collapse


Invitations to Gather

Community Council Sunday, July 28th, 7-9pm: Come, sit in witness and dialogue with each other for the benefit of all our people, human and otherwise. This is a place to speak to the grief, the rage, the longing, the gratitude and the love for all that it means to be human at this time.



Deep Adaptation by Jem Bendell — ‘a paper meant to provide readers with an opportunity to reassess their work and life in the face of an inevitable near term social collapse due to climate change.’

What Will You Say to Your Grandchildren? by Jeremy Lent

Our Actions Create the Future: A Response to Jem Bendell by Jeremy Lent

Facing Extinction by Catherine Ingram

After Years of Abuse, The Earth Has Sent Its Bill Collectors, by JP Sottile