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Your Body As Erotic Landscape

Regardless of our age or our procreative capacity, our bodies are fertile landscapes. They are designed to generate; to generate wellness, protection, love, care, ferocity. They are designed to generate ideas, solutions, beauty, ingenuity, audacity. In our present state the erotic landscape of our bodies has been so deeply politicized, so deeply enslaved, it is hard to remember our authentic, indigenous ways. It is hard to remember what our uncolonized limbs, slopes and valleys feel like. Join us this afternoon for an exploration alongside your sisters, into the terrain of our erotic landscapes. We can’t tell you any more than that, because the truly erotic landscape is a wild landscape, which, by definition, has never been charted. We will simply have to trust (because of course we do!) that what we find there will be for the benefit of all Life (because of course it is!). Learn More

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