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Reclaiming Your Erotic Nature

We are not meant to be separated. By design, we are meant to travel in herds, each of us brilliant individual souls tracking essential elements of the whole. In healthy human culture ‘the whole’ includes our human family and our other-than-human family. It includes the water and the clouds it becomes. It includes the soil and the mycelium, the blue jay and the chickadee. It includes the ones who come to us in the dreamscape and the ones who come to us in our erotic pleasure. We have been uprooted, separated from our own bodies, made to fear our sovereign wisdom. Join us tonight for a journey back home. Alongside your adventurous sisters and our ancestral ancient grandmothers, we will take one step at a time to court the deeply embedded, attuned female who is you. Learn More

Earlier Event: July 19
Women's Community Dinner