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ReWeaving the Web of Life

Were you born questioning the decisions, direction and values of your culture only to be met with blank stares, judgement and silencing? Do you feel like it’s an uphill battle, attempting to raise your children well; attempting to teach them about generosity, gratitude and Earth-based-wisdom, no matter where you live or what your cultural heritage is?

Do you feel rage in your body and despair in your heart as you read the news about climate disruption and the resulting impending near-term collapse, knowing that you have seen this coming since perhaps before you were born?

If this begins to describe your daily experience, YOUR VOICE, BODY, SPIRIT AND FIRE ARE NEEDED NOW! It is time for us to stop begging for scraps and start making our own meals. It is time to use our power (our muscle, our money, our attention and intention) to radically accomplish what everyone tells us is impossible.

It does not matter if we ‘succeed’ – it only matters that we stand up NOW. In service of a world in which all Life is sacred. Join us. We do not have a plan yet….but there are some pieces in place. We need YOU to help us craft the most extraordinary global movement that has ever taken place in the human race.  

We are gathering via ZOOM ( on Sunday June 16th, 5pm mst, 4pm pst, 7pm est, 12am UK. We will have more calls at other times, so if you cannot make this one because the timing is wrong, please let us know you are interested. The next call will preference the timezones of the women who are wanting to participate. But before long, we will need to MOBILIZE and ACT. Let’s get our home affairs in order women. It’s time to remember to whom we are betrothed and the necessary responsibility that comes with that betrothal.

Earlier Event: June 14
Women's Community Dinner
Later Event: June 23
Summer Solstice