Co-Working At The Center On The Edge


Co-Working At The Center On The Edge

The Original Invitation (scroll down for the details and practicalities):

Co-Working at The Center On The Edge

Co-Working at The Center On The Edge

People of this vibrant community! Introducing the next layer of goodness and community-building: if you think co-working alongside your people in a (no-offense-shitty) office with fluorescent (or even natural) lighting is inspiring and helpful to your productivity, try working with the bees! Come to The Center On The Edge and co-work with your human AND apis kin. The bees know a very different kind of work than we are taught here in Western Industrial Culture. We are taught about ‘dog-eat-dog’, ‘build YOUR brand or else!’, about cleverness and word-smithing so your idea sounds unique and novel, so you STAND OUT and ‘grow your list’ and ‘make seven-figures-in-five-months!’ Holy cow that’s a lot of pressure and all this with the backdrop of near-term collapse and climate disruption not to mention that ever-present sense that your business idea can’t possibly be THAT unique. (smart you….)


Well….take a deep breath and come co-work with your human people and your honey bee people. Take time to sit (at a proper table with wifi…mostly) and simply BE, under the Old Apple Tree, while The Ladies of The Honey & Pollination work their magik and infect you with the right kind of intelligence so you begin to hear why you’re doing what you’re doing and whom you’re doing it for! Take your calls over by the pond with the school of fish and the roaming posse of water striders (who are carnivorous bastards of carnage and no-apologies consumption kept in check by a vibrantly well ecosystem. It’s possible people! I promise! There. Is. Hope. For. Us.) Take your lunch break with anyone else who happens to be around, which will always include the littlest wolf, Ruby Dragon Chickadee, Coda the Coyote–Elkhound, Tenzing the small black panther and at least one or two mostly bi-pedal folk. Store your food in the fridge, use the outhouse with a view or the tender-foot indoor plumbing. Hang around after hours to sit in The Kiva around the old fire to remember where you come from and why the hell you are here…at a time when all Life depends upon our remembering. Because, my friends, it most assuredly does.


But beware, somewhere in the whole process, you might just realize that what you’re (trying to) do is actually a load of horse-shit based on Western Industrial Culture’s bankrupt ideology and indoctrinology. Perhaps during your co-working-turned-Kiva-time-turned-lying-on-the-grass-under-the-moon-smoking-cigarettes-with-your-comrades time, you realize there is nothing more important than remembering and you throw your computer into the pond and take your clothes off and run with your Ancestors through the fields full of organic hemp and declare yourself a mutinous no-good-recovering-Animist…and THAT’S right about when it starts getting good, people.

But in the meantime, bring your co-working peeps. Bring your laptop, your cell phone, your bag lunch, your wild-ass love of all things unpredictable, organic and generative…and COME… just come, to The Center On The Edge and nourish yourself and your comrades while nourishing the brilliant important ideas and inspirations stirring within you. We need every last bit of genius we can come up with at this time people.

Every. Last. Bit. No. Shit.

Just Come.

The Details:
When the weather is amenable to being outside, in the window of Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm, we will hold co-working hours at The Center On The Edge, 6482 Jib Court. Below are basic details to make sure you’ve got what you need. If you’ve not co-worked here at The Center On The Edge, you may feel more comfortable texting before you come. 303-449-8590. This is Christiane’s cell. She might not be able to respond for a few hours so you’re quite welcome simply to come over and check out the scene. Please do not bring your dog to The Center On The Edge. There are two hybrid canines and one feline here already and The Center is home to many gardens and a pond with many species of beings in it.


Jib Court is a cul-de-sac with minimal parking. Park on Mast or Kalua to keep the peace. Come through the gate at the side of the house and find a comfortable spot for yourself in the yard. There is a main table, under an umbrella, with four chairs, but you might prefer another, more secluded spot. There are backjacks and cushions and blankets (so you can put yourself anywhere) in the black chest at the top of the stairs to The Kiva. Lots of space on the porch as well, which is where the wifi will be the strongest.

Connectivity, Power & Other Logistics:
The wifi network is ‘Rewilding’ and the password is ‘centerontheedge!’


The main workspace is outfitted with seven surge-protected grounded outlets. In addition there are two grounded outside power outlets (one on the porch and one on the Kiva side of the house) if you need to plug in away from the main work area.

Feel free to store any perishable food items in the fridge. There’s a gorgeous composting outhouse for use (it’s a room with a view not to be missed) but if you need and want, there is also an indoor bathroom.

The co-working environment is a quiet zone. Christiane practices out of her home and will be seeing clients in the office just next to The Kiva. Quiet talking is wonderful. Sharing of projects and helping each other with creative and technical ideas and dilemmas is part of the purpose in working alongside each other. And, please be respectful. Check in with folks before launching into conversation.

Part of the inspiration for this offering is to provide another layer of opportunity for us to remember how to be in community with each other, to remember how to be generative, respectful and nourishing with our presence. Come be part of the dance. Come help us remember!