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Til Death Do Us Part....

Our greatest promise and deepest debt is to The World itself, not to the culture or the constructs the culture creates (like the church). When I say 'The World' I mean the earth and the universe within which it is suspended, The Wild (which we tend to refer to as 'nature') and The Mystery, which is the elusive presence that has captivated our attention for most of human existence and includes The Muse. The World is the place from which we all come and to which we most soulfully belong. The World has the capacity for reflection that is required in order for us to fully understand why we're here, identifying the unique thread we each carry that can, if we pay attention, weave itself into a life's devotion. The World is motivated by a prime directive. Above all, its mandate is Life. But not just any life, or life at all costs. It supports full-throttle, abundant, loud Life - strictly governed by systems principles which hold cooperation and partnership as most sacred. Life has a partner in perpetuity. Her partner is Death. There is more to learn from the partnership dance of Life and Death (if the dance is untouched by human meddling) than any other Wild partnership - though all wild partnerships have extraordinary things to teach us.

The partnership of Life/Death is one which prioritizes each individual entity's purpose without sentimentality. But in this dance there is a perfection of function - and because of this, an erotic beauty - that is unsurpassed. And this partnership is one of the very few that is required to stay together in order for the fullness of all life to be honored. While the church, family and community might ask of us that we choose one partner with whom we will spend the rest of our lives, the World does not ask this of us. The World asks that we will fulfill the promise we made at the time of our birth, in the same way the Cottonwood tree and the purple finch outside my window are fulfilling their promises. The beauty of our human-ness is that we have been endowed with the ability to understand our relationship with The World in a way that transcends primal instinct. We have been endowed with the capacity to fall in love with The World and to consciously court The Mystery, to pay attention to the warp and weft of our individual life in the greater pattern of Life itself. Perhaps in exchange for this extraordinary gift, The World asks of us that we attend, first and foremost, to the contract we agreed to upon arriving here. In this way we could say our primary partnership is with the World itself. All other partnerships, including the intimate/sexual/marital unions, are subordinate - and in service of - this one primary partnership.