Ancestral Lineage Healing


Nearly all human cultures (with the exception of western industrial, capitalist culture) practice complex rituals designed to foster on-going intimacy with, and healing of, their ancestral lineages (deceased relations of our blood lines). In western industrialized culture (and increasingly around the world, as Patriarchy colonizes more, and more, of the globe) we suffer from a devastating orphaning. One which, among many other harmful fallacies, tells us we arrive alone into a harsh, malevolent world neither belonging, nor beholden, to anyone or anything. Yet our modern science of trauma and neurobiology – as well as millennia of brilliant and complex lived human experience – tell us a very different story. Woven intricately into our intimate daily experience, wired into our genetics and our souls equally, every one of us carries both the blessings and burdens of thousands of generations of brilliance and joy as well as grief and trauma. This imposed and erroneous orphaning is, in part, responsible for our increasingly fragmented and diseased human culture; our depression, anxiety, addiction, alienation and sociopathy.

The work of Ancestral Lineage Healing has three intentions:

  • to make connections with people of our blood and bone; those ancestral relatives who are vibrantly well and eager to provide us with their support, love and guidance as we journey through our lives.

  • to heal the significant trauma burdens woven deeply into most human lineages today; trauma burdens caused by endless war, poverty, social and economic injustice, environmental devastation and the diaspora it causes, racism, sexism and all forms of intolerance and violence toward the multiplicity and diversity of Life’s expressions – in a word, the toxic Patriarchy. In this healing process the brilliance and medicine of each lineage is excavated and brought forward into its present-day expression.

  • to do the intimate ancestral healing work necessary so that we are capable of turning our attention to the tremendous harm we continue to cause to the Earth, to each other, and to all life.

I am certified in a form of ancestral lineage repair created by Dr. Daniel Foor.

The Work:

The particular form I use to foster loving connection and healing relationships with our ancestors is a non-dogmatic, cross-cultural, animist framework accessible to people of all faiths and cultural practices. Our primary vehicle for contact is the practice of ‘journeying’ involving gentle guidance into a state of consciousness that is just slightly relaxed from our daily awareness. In this realm we all have the capacity to become aware of essential and empowering information that is right here, ready to be discovered, at all times of our waking and sleeping experiences, but that we have been taught to ignore or overlook.

Ancestral work is most valuable – in our personal lives and to the wellness of the Earth – when we heal all four main lines (mother’s mother and father and father’s mother and father). Therefore, I prefer to work with clients in 5-session packages. The first session is 90 minutes. All subsequent sessions are typically 60 minutes. This work is equally powerful whether we are in-person or meeting via video technology.

To book sessions please email me.