All-Day Community Kivas


 All-Day Community Kivas

On certain days of the year the Kiva will be open for the community to drop in and sit, alongside others, in quiet contemplation, perhaps in song or story…a chance to remember an old way of honoring and listening that has been nearly lost in our industrial, dissociated culture.

These days begin at 7am and end typically at 10pm. The fire will be tended and your job is simply to show up when it’s right for you.

Bring family, bring offerings to the Fire. Bring your laments and heartbreaks, your joys and celebrations. Bring a poem or a song. Bring a drum or a rattle.


These all-community Kiva days are an opportunity to remember how to take up our right-sized space in circle with each other. In other words, be attuned and attentive to what is already happening in the Kiva upon your arrival. If there is silence, perhaps you ought to observe the silence. If there is song and conversation and you’re hungering for quiet, perhaps you make a request for the group to come to silence for a bit. Please be aware of yourself in the Kiva. Many of us have never been taught how to attune to others; rather we’ve been trained to attend and subordinate ourselves to others or we’ve been trained to dominate and take up more room than is ours to have. We invite you to spontaneously organize with each other to create an environment that is conducive to sincere participation. And that can look like many different things.

Please do read The Kiva page for more detailed instructions on location, parking, and Kiva decorum.